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Tick Stationery

Tick Stationery has been the best partner choice for many of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates. Since 1978, we have continued to provide best-in-class solutions to a complex and ever-changing local market environment.

We aim to provide our customers with the latest stationery products, the most affordable stationery, excellent product performance, and exceptional reliability. We are proud of how we operate in the business. Every day we touch the lives of thousands of customers, hundreds of companies, and innumerable partners.

Key Features


Premium Quality Stationery



Innovative Designs and Trusted

Brand Reputation


Commitment to Sustainability and

Eco-Friendly Practices


Extensive Variety of Supplies



Customization Options for

Personal Touch


Efficient and Reliable

Shipping Services

Customer Values

"The customer is always right". We stand firm on this as our customer-oriented approach has given us the stature we hold today


Our Research and Development (R & D) is linked with what the market wants rather than what we want the market to have. This, in turn, has helped us develop as a group over the past two decades.


Elevating standards with unparalleled craftsmanship, our stationery embodies a commitment to enduring quality and timeless elegance

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